About us


Medi Laser provides a variety of healthcare solutions to many different industries. We work on developing and identifying the best medical care to help diverse professional groups overcome their challenges. Whether it is a teeth whitening or a varicose veins, Medi Laser is ready to offer the best products available in the market to provide the most effective treatments. We specialize in product development based on a scientific research, working with laboratories that are equipped with the latest innovative tools. Medi Laser partners with clinics throughout the United States, as well as internationally. Our main objective is to assist our associates with high tech solutions, by supplying them with devices, services and products that support and boost the revenue of their businesses. Many of the clinics that we collaborate with, discover new methods to cure their patients. This technology allows us to cooperate with unique clinics that work with exceptional and most severe cases. Over the past few years of our existence, we have built a strong and reliable client base. We highly value every single customer and appreciate their loyalty to our business. Medi Laser continue to progress and strives towards perfection.

How it all started


Medi Lazer, based in Miami, Florida, is an industry-leading provider of high-quality dental lab products and services to dental professionals nationwide for a low cost. Established in January 2004, the lab specializes in teeth whitening laser. Medi Lazer is an industry leader thanks to its innovative dental technology, experienced R&D department, and dedication to providing technical education to promote industry growth.

Where we are today


Today Medi Lazer, provide a wide variety of medical products. From teeth whitening laser to varicose veins reduction laser. We also offer a wide variety  of affiliated products like, sanitizing creams, surgical blades, and specially designed products for pre and post laser exposure. Products like high SPF creams and plastic adhesive drapes for preventing surgical site infection. Today Medi Lazer is a one stop shop for all your laser needs.