Pain Managment


Cold Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and is thought to help accelerate the healing process. It can be used on patients who suffer from a variety of acute and chronic conditions in order to help eliminate pain, swelling, reduce spasms and increase functionality.

How Cold Lasers Work

Cold lasers are handheld devices used by the clinician and are often the size of a flashlight. The laser is placed directly over the injured area for 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated and the dose provided by the cold laser unit.

During this time, the non-thermal photons of light that are emitted from the laser pass through the skins layers (the dermis, epidermis, and the subcutaneous tissue or tissue fat under the skin). This light has the ability to penetrate 2 to 5 centimeters below the skin at 90mw and 830 nm.

Once the light energy passes through the layers of skin and reaches the target area, it is absorbed and interacts with the light sensitive elements in the cell. This process can be compared to photosynthesis in plants - sunlight is absorbed by plants, which is then converted to usable energy so that the plant can grow.

When cells absorb this light energy, it initiates a series of events in the cell that is theorized to eventually result in normalizing damaged or injured tissue, a reduction in pain, inflammation, edema and an overall reduction in healing time by increasing intracellular metabolism.1,2

muscular system


Electrotherapy is the application of electrical stimulation transmitted through the body via electrodes for therapeutic purposes.  With electrotherapy, the current flows through the body from one electrode to the other and causes different physiological reactions, which are determined by the type of current selected, the parameters of the selected current and the output intensity. The Intelect Legend XT is one of the most advanced therapy systems available. Beneath its award-winning, ergonomic design is a sophisticated, versatile, user-friendly system. The Intelect Legend XT lets you offer a comprehensive range of therapies in a single, state-of-the-art unit.


  • Patented award-winning, ergonomic modular design
  • Easy-to-add modularity allows the addition of two additional channels of electrotherapy or a battery module
  • High contrast 5” (13 cm) FSTN LCD monochromatic user interface
  • Two independent electrotherapy channels, expandable to four independent channels
  • Multiple waveform electrotherapy-six clinical waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, High Volt, Russian, Symmetrical Biphasic and Microcurrent
  • Documentation of treatment data with Patient Data Cards
  • User defined protocols for your specific needs
  • Dual frequency ultrasound at 1 or 3.3 MHz
    – Pulsed or Continuous Duty Cycles (10%, 20%, 50% & 100%)
    – Four ergonomically designed soundhead applicator sizes: 1 cm², 2 cm², 5 cm² & 10 cm²
    – Watertight soundheads for use in underwater therapy
  • Therapy System Cart maximizes storage of clinical supplies and organizes cables
  • Optional Operator Remotes allow treatment stop, start and pause, as well as change in amplitude at any time during a treatment session. Each remote is color-coded for designation between channels



PART NUMBERDESCRIPTIONQUANTITY27465Patient Data Card1 PK273835 cm² Sound Head Applicator1 PK27312Electrotherapy Leadwire Channel 11 PK27313Electrotherapy Leadwire Channel 21 PK27314Electrotherapy Leadwire Channel 31 PK27315Electrotherapy Leadwire Channel 41 PK

Optional Accessories

PART NUMBERDESCRIPTIONQUANTITYSIZE2781Channel 3 & 4 Electrotherapy Module1 PKUniversal2780ASYTherapy Cart (assembled)1 PKUniversal2767Battery Module (Self-contained Nickel Metal Hydride battery automatically & continually charges when unit is plugged into mains power supply.) Can only be used with the 2 channel unit.1 PKUniversal27469Patient Interrupt Switch Channels 1 & 21 PKUniversal27470Patient Interrupt Switch Channels 3 & 41 PKUniversal72852Black Rubber Carbon Electrodes, 3" (8 cm)2 PKUniversal72853Red Rubber Carbon Electrodes, 3" (8 cm)2 PKUniversal10648Nylatex™ Wrap, 2.5" x 24"2 PKUniversal27465Patient Data Cards25 PKUniversal27508Operator Remote Channels 1 & 21 PKUniversal27079Operator Remote Channels 3 & 41 PKUniversal273811 cm² Sound Head Applicator1 PKUniversal273822 cm² Sound Head Applicator1 PKUniversal2738410 cm² Sound Head Applicator1 PKUniversal

Technical Specifications

SPECIFICATIONDESCRIPTIONMains Power:100-240 VAC~50/60 Hz, 1.0 AWeight:7 lb (3.2 kg)Shipping Weight:16 lb (7.3 kg)Dimensions:12.75”L x 11.4”W x 8.75”H (32.4 cm x 28.9 cm x 22.2 cm)Electrical Safety Class:Class 1, Electrotherapy Type BF, Ultrasound Type BSafety Tests:UL/IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-2-5, IEC 60601-2-10

Electrotherapy Waveforms

User Defined Protocols - Customize waveforms to your specific needs and organize alphabetically by patient name for easy recall.

Multiple Waveforms - Six essential clinical waveforms to manage a broad spectrum of clinical conditions: Interferential, Premodulated, High Volt, Russian, Microcurrent and Symmetrical Biphasic.

CLINICAL WAVEFORMCLINICAL CONDITIONInterferentialContinuous, Manual Vector ScanPremodulatedContinuous, Cycle TimedHigh VoltTwin PeakRussianContinuous, Cycle TimedMicrocurrent Polarity Basedn/aSymmetrical BiphasicContinuous, Cycle Timed